weekly photo challenge: home


Thirteen years ago I came across this clock in a very charming family owned jewelry store and gift shop in the little town we were living in at the time. This store had an entire upper half of a wall dedicated to chiming clocks. Many of which were very gorgeous, large and quite pricey. This one was much smaller, not as grand and looked so ordinary and plain next to the others but I fell in love with it. You’re going to think I’m weird but I could not walk pass this jewelry store without popping in to admire this clock and listen for it’s beautiful chime. At the time, Constantine and I were young parents with two small children so for me to purchase something like that would be quite frivolous I thought. So, I just continued to admire it, often times thinking I would go into the store and it would be gone. I always thought that if I was fortunate enough to own it, it would definitely represent the sounds of “home” to me and hopefully to my family. After admiring this clock for several weeks, Constantine and the girls surprised me with it for my birthday that year. We’ve moved twice since we’ve had the clock, but to me every time I hear it chime I know, this is home.


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